7:34 PM

Best Mail Day Ever!

I think some of you are aware of how very much I like to get mail.

Others of you might understand how awesome Chocolate is. Yes, I capitalized Chocolate and bolded it. It deserves to be capitalized and bolded. It's that good. 

And finally, there are those of you who may not understand it - but who have definitely seen my obsession with glitter and potty humor

Now, today - the mail brought me all of the above. Plus, it make me feel a little famous. Yes, famous-ish.

The first package I opened was a little painting I traded some Shower Art to She Said Pop for. Yes, it says, "Glitter Poop." Yes, yes it does. I'm the luckiest lady ever on the whole planet.

I'd also like to mention that She Said Pop also sent me two nails - so that I can hang up my painting right away. Those of you who sell art: take note. I didn't even know how much I would love and appreciate a gesture like this - but I do. I do. Whenever I buy art, I can never find anything to hang it up with so it sits around until I can make it to the store to buy nails. So - thank you. Thank you. thank you. Everyone should do this. 

The second package was a mystery. I wasn't expecting anything else in the mail. Although, I should say that with the caveat that I have just about the worst memory ever on the whole planet so it is entirely possible that I was expecting something in the mail.

Anyway, I opened the package and it was filled with goodies and treats covered with chocolate from the folks at Meylah. How awesome are they? They sent me chocolate and they made me feel famous-ish.

The best part: My husband is out of town this week so I don't even have to share any of them. Yes!

3:04 PM

Unanimous Craft: Reporting from the Craft and Hobby Association Conference

Next weekend 1/29-2/1 is the Craft and Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show. Donate to my Kickstarter campaign to fund my airfare for the conference. Then, just sit back and relax while I send you valuable info from the conference via the Unanimous Craft blog. You get cool rewards for donating. You get awesome coverage of the conference. You get it all, baby.