4:44 PM

The Goodest Stuff at Goodwill

Dear Other People of Earth, 

You can officially stop looking for the best stuff on the planet. I have it all. These two statues/book ends complete my collection. Yes, one is of a little boy playing the flute. And yes, the other one is of a really annoyed girl holding her hands over her ears. 

My husband and I share a desk so I put the boy one on his side and the girl one on my side. Now he has a visual reminder of what I think of his musical abilities. Perfect. 

He's playing beautiful music. In theory.

She hates it.
They are signed by E. Vilianis and stamped with ESCO Product. 

I thought so.

5:59 PM

619 Western Documentary Funding Project

Seattle artists who rent studios in the 619 Western building were surprised when their move out date (required by the city for the viaduct replacement project) was moved UP from March 2012 to October 2011.  It seems a shabby ending for a building that has housed so much creativity and given the citizens of Seattle so much pleasure.

The building, once labeled for tear-down, will now be retro-fitted instead. Even if it goes well, I forsee crappy "improvements" that suck all the life out of 619. And - even if I'm wrong about that - I'm pretty sure those rents will be going up.

I, for one, am sad to see this part of Seattle history leave our fair city without even a proper, "So long." I stumbled across this fundraising campaign to raise money to film a documentary about the building so that the spirit can live on a bit. I'm donating. For sure. You should too.