6:25 PM

Okay, I'm Old.

We live in a time where graffiti artists can have Etsy shops. The rest of this post should go something like this, 
"In my day..."
"Back when I was your age..."
"Something, something, up hill both ways..."
"Something, something, youngster..."

I'm old. I get it. I fell down and broke my ankle instead of popping back up like a string bean wearing a halter top. I get it.

But I didn't realize I was so old that graffiti artists could have Etsy shops. That's new. It's sending me into a mid-life crisis. And not just because Netflix created a category for me called "Mid-Life Crisis Movies." It's more than that. 

I have to say - I have a huge crush on starheadboy's work. He has a unicorn combined with a burrito character. That should be all I have to say to win you over. 

Here are some pics of my favorite pieces: 

Um yeah. raccoon operated robot? Yeah!

These little guys is cutes, cutes, cutes.

This is the one I would like someone to buy for me please. I need some stillness.

Something I desperately want to be able to do.

I just like this guy's little stance. Go get 'em guy!
And a burrito unicorn in found in the wild. Sweet.

 In short: I Like. I like.
6:07 PM

Opening a Retail Shop in the Historic Pike Place Market

Lauren Rudeck and I are opening a retail shop slash studio space in the historic Pike Place Market. We anticipate opening mid-late September. Lauren designed our first postcard. Whatcha think?
9:25 PM

Wildlife Safari, Giant Bull Erections and Renegade Craft Show

Tomorrow we embark on an epic adventure. We will drive to San Francisco. Stopping only to pee and for the Wildlife Safari place with the mean ostriches in Winston, OR

Then, we will seek shelter with Steph from NerdJerk

On Saturday and Sunday we will be peddling our wares at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Show. It will be epic (but I mentioned that before). It will make you pee your pants (if you didn't stop at a gas station on the way). 

Stop by booth 65 and say, "Hi." (or - use whatever greeting you would like - we're no dictators).

And then - you're next LA. Please don't think we've forgotten about you. We haven't. When we're finished with San Francisco, we'll be comin' for you. Driving. Listening to podcasts. Knitting in the car. These are things we will be doing on the way. 

Last year, we were stopped by a large bull in the middle of the road. That bull had a large erection. What, oh what, will we encounter while on the road this year? I can't even guess. You can't plan for a bull with a large erection in the middle of the road. Nor, should you try to. I'm content with being surprised.

Come say "hello" LA friends. We will be in booth #16. The Shower Arts will abound there. You will love it. Or you will not. Either way - I'm sure we'll be friends.

Good summer fine people. Good summer.
11:37 PM

Urban Craft Uprising: I'm Gonna Do You With a Broken Ankle.

It's here. The second best day of the year. Urban Craft Uprising's summer show starts this Saturday, July 7th. 

It continues July 8th (the second worst day of the year - only because when it's over - the next Urban Craft Uprising show will be as far away as it possibly can be. Sniff). 

Come out to the Seattle Center from 11-5 both days and check out all the fantastic urban crafters. This year they are incorporating vintage goods as well. Hot. And if that wasn't enough, there is also an International Beer Festival going on in the Seattle Center at the same time. Two great reasons to travel to Queen Anne. BEER AND CRAFTS!!

Doug and I will be there peddling our Shower Art wares. I'm have a cane. Because I'm 80. And I broke my ankle. Sniff.

I love you. 

1:47 PM

Butt Themed Art For Your Shower

My latest Shower Art creation. This one, and many others I've made recently, have a definite butt theme. I think it's because I've been watching Bob's Burgers. You should too.

11:05 AM

Shower Art Heads to Brooklyn, NY. Get Effin' Ready.

My sweets. 
If my broken ankle heals in time (translation = by June 20th), Doug and I will both be heading to Brooklyn, NY for Renegade.

If the ankle isn't in good working condition by then, Doug will have to make the trek all alone. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Brooklyn requires a lot of walking. Plus, our awesome friend who offered to let us stay with her lives in a walk up on the fourth floor. That will be almost impossible on crutches. EEeeeeeeeeeeek!

Regardless of who is manning the booth - if you're in Brooklyn on the weekend of 6/23 and 6/24, please stop by and say hello. You'll get to see Shower Art in person - along with 300 other amazing indie crafters. It'll be worth it.

4:18 PM

Suck it Stupid Face

Suck it Stupid Face by rosalie_gale
Suck it Stupid Face, a photo by rosalie_gale on Flickr.

This is how I feel today. You have been warned.

3:55 PM


Bang! by rosalie_gale
Bang!, a photo by rosalie_gale on Flickr.

New Shower Art. One inch around. BANG!

10:13 AM

My Newest Creation: Hot Girls Fart Shoes

My friend Jessica Obrist and I have created a weird and (we think) wonderful website called Hot Girls Fart Shoes.

We feature videos of hot girls walking around with self inflating whoopee cushions on their feet. They make fart noises. It will probably make you giggle. If it doesn't - you are hard and jaded.

Please enjoy a video of our first live performance at Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery featuring: Betsy Schairer, Alexa Allamano, Sarah Maier, Jennifer Burdette and Danielle Radford.

5:28 PM

The Best EVER: Bigfoot in Pasties and Boy Shorts

While shopping on Etsy for a birthday gift for my dad, I somehow stumbled upon the artwork on ChipmunkCheeks (art and illustration by Katie Vernon). I think I love her.

I did however, choose something else for my father. He will not be getting BigFoot in pasties or boy shorts.