6:25 PM

Okay, I'm Old.

We live in a time where graffiti artists can have Etsy shops. The rest of this post should go something like this, 
"In my day..."
"Back when I was your age..."
"Something, something, up hill both ways..."
"Something, something, youngster..."

I'm old. I get it. I fell down and broke my ankle instead of popping back up like a string bean wearing a halter top. I get it.

But I didn't realize I was so old that graffiti artists could have Etsy shops. That's new. It's sending me into a mid-life crisis. And not just because Netflix created a category for me called "Mid-Life Crisis Movies." It's more than that. 

I have to say - I have a huge crush on starheadboy's work. He has a unicorn combined with a burrito character. That should be all I have to say to win you over. 

Here are some pics of my favorite pieces: 

Um yeah. raccoon operated robot? Yeah!

These little guys is cutes, cutes, cutes.

This is the one I would like someone to buy for me please. I need some stillness.

Something I desperately want to be able to do.

I just like this guy's little stance. Go get 'em guy!
And a burrito unicorn in found in the wild. Sweet.

 In short: I Like. I like.