12:15 PM

I Don't Feel So Good

I don't. 
It's true.
My throat is all swollen and I feel weak and terrible.

It's not being sick and feeling bad that gets me down though. When I'm sick, all I can think about are all the things I need to get done and how much time I'm wasting by not having any energy. You'd think that would inspire me to take better care of myself... but it doesn't. 

Basically, I'm an idiot.

I should buy this tonsil print on Etsy to remind me to drink more water and be a good person and stuff. Do you think it would work? 

How long, after purchasing this print, do you think it would take me to frame it and hang it up on the wall? I'm guessing 18 months. Anyone care to make a wager? 

5:23 PM

Pretty Kitties in Portland for Crafty Wonderland

If Portland wasn't amazing enough as a relaxing, weird destination, we also get to bask in the wonder-ness that is Crafty Wonderland. This Saturday. We'll be slinging Shower Art. We'll be buying socks. We'll be making pancakes in the shape of butts. This weekend. Portland. Prepare yourselves.