11:45 AM

Some Stuff I Decided I LIke

I've wanted this skirt for about two years now. I saw an ad with this picture on it in Bust Magazine (another one of my favorite things) and tried to order it. But because it was so awesome and in Bust Magazine and reasonably priced, there were none left.
I must have signed up for the mailing list because not too long ago, I got an email saying that the skirts had returned. Yay! Joy! Yay! I ordered one immediately. And you should too. It's from Orangy Porangy.

This is the prettiest cup of coffee I've ever seen. I guess some guy invented a machine that will draw pictures in latte foam with edible ink. My only question -- how come I haven't seen this in Seattle? I read about it on Stacy Alexander's blog.

And finally, quite possilby the funniest thing I've read in awhile. A blog devoted to a pirate pig who gives advice. In character. Hells yes. Don't forget to go to the Punk Rock Flea Market tomorrow (Saturay, March 22) if you live in Seattle. Or I guess, if you live anywhere and like to travel. And stop by bARTer Sauce. I've got some crazy new offers in my trading experiment for art and odd objects. And check out the article I wrote for MookyChick -- How to Start a Crazy Project and Take Over the World. And don't forget Ugly Baby. Go look at Shower Art -- waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. Or anywhere else. We're no dictators.
12:07 PM

Clone Danger

Okay, so awhile ago, Ariane created a cardboard cutout of me and took pictures of her making a bARTer Sauce trade with the cardboard cutout. It has curly hair and is wearing a T-shirt that says, "I rock the Sauce." It's hilaious. And I ended up trading for it myself. Well Ariane had it packaged up and riding around in her car with her when.... HER CAR GOT STOLEN! That's right, someone was riding around Wyoming with a cardboard cutout of me in the backseat. Yikes! The weird thing is that last week, I got the cardboard cutout in the mail! I immediately emailed Ariane to see if she had gotten her car back, or if there was just a really nice thief who mailed her package for her. Ariane's response: "Yes! I DID find my car, yes me, not the police, it was parked at a tattoo shop not far from where it was stolen. I think it really wanted to get a tattoo, but there just wasn’t enough change between the seats. I have no idea. Nothing was stolen, nothing damaged, and I think they even put gas in it!? I the second thing I did after filling out the police report was mail cardboard Rosalie, which is when it dawned on me, maybe she wanted a tattoo and stole the car??? You might want to check her over for fresh ink." That's totally weird. And even weirder.... Doug and I were taking the cardboard cutout to the studio... and we got trapped in an elevator. And then when we got out of the elevator and got in the car, ... The car died. And had to get towed away. And we had to get a new car. I feel like I'm in one of those clone horror movies where the clone has to take out the original so they can, I don't know, really become human, I guess. Oh man. It's at the studio right now. Alone. .... aahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
10:37 AM

First Thursday Art Walk -- March

This First Thursday was lovely. As always.
Some special friends stopped by:
  • My lovely husband, Doug, although, he kind of has to be there
  • My father-in-law, Robert, who probably had other things he might have wanted to do in Seattle, but instead came to my art show. Nice.

  • My ex-roomie, Val, (& her new boyfriend - teehee) who filled up on Shower Arts even though her birthday party is today and now I have no idea what to give her. Sigh.
  • A past bARTer Sauce supporter, Kelly Lyles (possibly my favorite bARTer Sauce trader to date) who literally gave me the coat off her back after I told her I liked it
  • Roxanne, who is 1/3 responsible for bARTer Sauce now having trading cards and who has agreed to design more of them for me until we have one for every trade and then we will rule the world
  • A past bARTer Sauce trader -Josiah - came by with some friends and bought an entire bottle of sparkling apple cider
  • Another past bARTer Sauce trader, Tim, who gave me an artist's sketch book that he found (which is still available and awesome!)
  • Some new bARTer Sauce traders -- Staci and Stacy - weird, I didn't even realize they had the same name until just now
  • EtsyRain folks: Kimberly (of course she's there -- we share a studio!) & Carrie & Marlo & Laura & Jill & Tarah & Halina & Trina....Did I get everyone? Yikes, there were lots!
This was the first show where I hung Parisite, possibly the best bARTer Sauce item ever (no offense everyone else, no offense). Everyone who came by commented on how awesome it was and then when I pointed out that Paris is actually PAINTED and not a magazine cutout, why then people pretty much just fell on the floor and fainted and we had to get smelling salts and stuff to revive them.
So, in short, I expect to get lots of trade offers for it.
Staci traded me this fantastic box 'o stuffs with Mona Lisa on the back and drawers full of jewels. It's called "Mona didn't need bling". It's awesome. She got "Wood Face" for it.

Stacy traded me two paintings that I thought from the picture were going to be tiny, but they are actually quite large and even cooler than I thought. One has a tiny tomato that has fangs. FANGs people! I call it "Fangy Tomato." I'm sure the artists I trade with must love it when I re-name their work. Yeah, I'm sure they do. Now, Stacy's last name starts with an S too and these paintings are from when she was younger, more naive maybe, and she signed them SS but she swears she is in no way responsible for crimes against humanity, just naiveness.

Stacy, I love her, Stacy took the CREDIT CARD COSTUME!
oh man, I am not sorry to see that gigantic foamy thing leave my posession.
Go free young credit card. Ride into the night with Stacy and fill up her stupid closets with your credit card-ness!
That's pretty much all I have to report, except for one magical quick thing.
Ariane traded me a cardboard cutout of myself that she made. Well, she had the package in her car to mail to me....and her car got stolen. She emailed me last week to let me know and I mourned and got angry and went through the seven stages or something.
And then today, while I was writing this blog, there was a knock on the door.
And what was it?
A surprised mailman.
Yes, my hair is a mess and I'm wearing jammies.
It's 11am on a Friday. What do you expect?
And in the surprised mailman's hands....
I wonder if that means she got her car back?
Or if the thief felt bad enough to mail it for her?
I'll never know....until I finish this stupid blog and email her.
Bye suckas!