1:47 PM

Butt Themed Art For Your Shower

My latest Shower Art creation. This one, and many others I've made recently, have a definite butt theme. I think it's because I've been watching Bob's Burgers. You should too.

11:05 AM

Shower Art Heads to Brooklyn, NY. Get Effin' Ready.

My sweets. 
If my broken ankle heals in time (translation = by June 20th), Doug and I will both be heading to Brooklyn, NY for Renegade.

If the ankle isn't in good working condition by then, Doug will have to make the trek all alone. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Brooklyn requires a lot of walking. Plus, our awesome friend who offered to let us stay with her lives in a walk up on the fourth floor. That will be almost impossible on crutches. EEeeeeeeeeeeek!

Regardless of who is manning the booth - if you're in Brooklyn on the weekend of 6/23 and 6/24, please stop by and say hello. You'll get to see Shower Art in person - along with 300 other amazing indie crafters. It'll be worth it.