8:26 AM

What Are the Republicans Thinking?

Doug made this Shower Art recently.
I think it sums up perfectly what Republicans think of when a gay person says they have no choice about being gay -- that it just happens.
Praise it.
2:59 PM

Who Arted?

A few months ago, I was walking along in Georgetown, minding my own business, when I saw this sign.

I had to follow it. Of course. What's better than an art-covered fart joke? Nothing. I made my way to a place called The Stables -- a big lofty, garagey-type place with tons of jukeboxes and cool stuffs to look at. And of course, Art.

Well, a couple of weeks ago my new bARTer Sauce friend Staci emailed to let me know she was having a show at that same place. "Hot damn," I thought. Doug and I had been talking about trying to ride our bikes from downtown to Tukwila and this art show was a good half-way point where we could take a little break.

A much needed little break.

That is a hell of a ride people. I was a bit dazed by the time we reached our half-way point so my analysis of the art as "awesome" will have to suffice.

And !YAY! - there was beer!

(and water. Lovely, lovely water.) And there was one piece that I knew had to be mine. Mine, mine mine. And now it is. Mine, mine, mine. Mainly because it is an awesome piece, but also, in tiny part, because Staci spends her hard-earned money on Shower Arts.

You're right, it has nothing to do with that at all and everything to do with finding a way to put a link to my Shower Art store in this blog. You should check out Staci's website.

And catch her at her next show at the Alki Art Fair.

Saturday the 26th from 10AM to 7PM

She'll be across from something called "Spuds." It's surprising that I don't know what that is since I'm so obsessed with potatoes. I sense that I shall soon check it out. And check out the trade Staci made with bARTer Sauce. Did you just say, "What the hell is bARTer Sauce?" bARTer Sauce is an experiment in trading for art and odd objects.

There are three rules: 1. Everything I get, I trade for something else. 2. Everyone who trades with me has to tell me a story. 3. I'll never trade for an accordion.

Much love to you all.

10:52 AM

Dave the Rooster

This is Dave the Rooster. He lives at my friends Meghan & Evie's house where I'm staying while I'm in LA. He's shocking, I know. More shocking: they paid money for him. Or Evie did. She bought him while returning some "satin" sheets at Ross. Okay. Dave tells ghost stories. Apparently. He also....still has a price tag on his butt. Thanks Dave, I'll look forward to waking up with you staring at me for the next six days.
2:34 PM

Shower Art -- Thought of the Day

Ponder this baby-makers:

And if it's too hard for you to see, let me zoom in a little:

Do you see the fear in her eyes?

Perhaps I'm feeling especially sensitive to babies because I'm about to get on a plane.

Or maybe I really just don't like them.

Either way, this Shower Art that Doug made sums it up nicely.

11:44 AM

New Signs

Granted, new signage probably isn't what most girls go ga-ga and blog about. I'll give you that. For free. But Doug made the MOST hilarious signs to point people down to our studio on First Thursday for the Art Walk. That's just one -- they all have different sayings on each side. "If you don't buy art, the terrorists have already won." "WTF?!" "art art art art art art art art ART art art art art art" "I made this sign, you follow it. That's the deal." "Buying art makes you tough and handsome" They apparently worked and inspired hoards of folks to visit on First Thursday. It was a good night. They also inpired a little violence as I got into an altercation with some street youths who kicked over the sign that said "WTF?!" and then stomped up and down on it. I happened to see them and yelled, "Why would you do that?" -- that's the equivalent of "Keep off my lawn you pesky kids!" in street youth terms. And the head street youth (the one who kicked it over so the rest could jump up and down on it) said, "It seemed like fun." What could I say. He's right. It did look like fun.