11:39 AM

The bARTer Sauce website is no longer Orange and Green

My wonderful husband, Doug built me a new website for bARTer Sauce for Christmas last year. Today he finally finished it (Eh-hem. Snicker). I designed the last website. It was orange and green. There is nothing more that we need to say about that. The new site is built in Drupal, a database driven, open source, content management system that is perhaps a close second in the "love of my life" competition. Doug's first. Always. Now I just need to post all the trades I'm behind on due to website launching excitement! Check back next week for a whole passel of new available trade items -- including a figure drawing book that originally didn't include any penises on the male forms. Someone went through the book and drew a penis on each male figure. Then -- a puritan went through and made underwear on many of the men with white out. It's quite possible the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Well. Maybe not.
9:51 AM

Eight Weird Things

9:54 AM

I Builted a Website on the Internets

This is it. I did it. This website finally launched. It's been about a year since I started -- but it's done. It's done. It's finally done. What's EtsyRAIN? It's the street team for everyone who lives in Seattle and the surrounding areas and sells their handmade goods on Etsy. We've got over 700 members that now get to play with my creation. The site is built in Drupal (swoon) which is an open source, database driven, content management system. What's that mean? Basically that we can enter content in one place -- let's say an event -- and have it show up on a calendar, as a featured event on the front page and also in a sidebar block of upcoming events. And we only have to enter the content once. If you've ever updated a straight HTML site -- you know why this is awesome. Basically, if something changes, we only need to change it in one place -- not on every single $&*#&$#ing page. The site has a crafty calendar that we're adding all kinds of crafty related events to. It will soon be THE place to go to see what's happenin' crafy wise in this great city. Also, our Premium Members (they pay $20/year to get special discounts on shows and other benfits) get to create their own profiles on the site to highlight their work. It's cool. For reals. I heart Drupal.