6:04 PM

The Cutest Thing I've Ever Made

Okay, I've made some cute things in my time...but this one....this is THE one.

I call her CupieHead.

You can call her that too.

The glue that I used to attach the beads to her hair had some kind of chemical reaction with the rubber and now each little bead is surrounded by an air bubble.

I think it's a great unexpected effect.


9:37 AM


I just got off the phone with a reporter from the Seattle Times who wants to do a feature story on a bartering project I've been working on for a couple of years. It's called bARTer Sauce and I concentrate on trading for art and odd objects. Huzzah! I'm so excited! If any of you are interested in trading, check out my website www.bartersauce.com and send me a trade offer. Or you can read about my adventures on my blog about The Sauce. YYYYYYYaaaaayyyyyyYYYYYYY!!!!!!
10:36 AM

I made some more stuffs!

It was my first full day in the studio. I started making my "Shower Art" banner for craft shows. I made a plaque with a doll head that says, "Pootey Toot Toot." I listened to audio books that I bought but then realized I should have just checked out from the library (dumb). I checked on our last batch of Shower Art -- and here are some of the babies:

This one is from a Chinese translation book that says that bears are cannibals because they eat people. I showed them!

This one I find hilarious because it's a cow saying "I see butt." What could be funnier than that?

This one I just like because it's pretty. I'm trying to make another one just like it.

"Now He Calls" -- A woman cut in half who can't reach the phone. I think we can all relate.

This one I'm mad about because I put a stupid picture in the middle because I thought I was going to hate the stuff around the edges and I didn't want to ruin something good. Well now I like the stuff around the edges....and not the picture. Sigh.

Ahhhh...The Meaning of Life. The small plaque on the left says: He has great insight into Human nature -- also from the Chinese translation book. This one turned out a little weird on the left hand side -- but oh well. I guess not even the Meaning of Life is perfect.

This one says: Impressive only in appearance and He has only a few books. Teehee. He's dumb.

10:58 AM

I Made Some Stuff

Ahhhhhh.... I made some stuff today. My new invention: Anarchy Envelopes - envelopes made from old magazine pages and then stamped on the front with an anarchy symbol with my Gocoo. I think I'm in love.
6:04 PM


I'm supposed to be getting ready for work...but obviously, that's not happening. We moved into the studio on Sunday and made our first batch of Shower Art there. It's fantastic! Our apartment is so small that we'd have to work on a table shared between the two of us, but there, at the magical studio, there are three tables at our disposal. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Space! Look next week for 13 new Shower Art pieces to hit my Etsy site (assuming they all turn out!) after they've cured. Make sure you also check out the great article written about one of our EtsyRain members! Yay crafts! Rosalie
9:33 AM

Where Have all the Folding Tables Gone?

In my spare time yesterday (the hours after I wake up that are not dominated by social networking groups and email) I had the crazy idea that I would like to purchase one of the rarest items still left on our great Earth: the folding table. You may scoff and snort and think me ridiculous, but I spent all of yesterday in a car with my husband touring every KMart, Target, Fred Meyer, Sears, Restaurant Supply store and JoAnn Fabrics within the city limits. At a point of near desperation, we passed a garage sale where they had their items displayed on a FOLDING TABLE. The car screeched to a hault as I yelled "I'm talking them out of one of those." I was not successful. Where have all the folding tables gone? Something is up and I think people who inquire about it....are never heard from again. Like the salesman at Target who said he would go into the back room and check to see if they had any....and never returned! Where is he now? I can only hope they are treating him well, whoever they are. Why is a folding table so important? We're moving into the studio we're sharing with Kimberly from Stir today and we have no surface to work upon. This is the one I wanted....and I will accept no others. Well, okay, I did accept another, but I don't like it at all. Shhhhhhhh, don't tell it, but it sucks! Sigh, Rosalie
11:06 AM
I just joined yet another social networking site. The difference here: it's all about Indie Craft Designers and those who love Indie Crafts. What could be better at sucking up every last second of my spare time. Here's my IndiePublic page. At some point I will no longer even create things at all, I will just blog about the "idea" of creating things. I'll be-friend people who also sit in front of a computer all day typing about how great it would be to MAKE something. It's coming. You'll see. Actually. I'm going to do my part to avoid that certain fate for crafters everywhere... okay, for me at least. I'm. Getting. Off. Line. ohgod.
10:24 AM

Seattle Etsy Sellers Unite!

I've joined a group of Etsy sellers in Seattle (in Etsy lingo: Street Team) to collaborate, create and (hopefully someday) drink some wine. Recently we bought two booths at the Fremont Sunday Market and made a day of it relaxing in the (VERY) hot sun. Here's me with my (oh so necessary) coffee.
My husband Doug and I make Shower Art, waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. Here's one I sold at the market:
Someone must really like eggs. That makes sense though....eggs are good. Shoot, now I want eggs. Focus. Good. Scary White Girl (or as we call her "Dawn") has created this Cthulu bottle cozy that makes me laugh out loud. I love his little curly face. Plus, I guess it's also the idea that Cthulu has been relegated to keeping my drink cold that makes me giggle.

I put Dawn's Cthulu bottle cozy in my Treasury of the Weirdest things I could find on Etsy. And not to brag or anything (yes, I'm totally bragging) but it IS the #1 Treasury on Etsy right now. How's that for WEIRD!?

I'll keep you all posted on the Etsy Rain (oh yeah, that's the name of our group - I guess it would help to mention that) happenings and goings on.

Much Love to You All,