11:06 AM
I just joined yet another social networking site. The difference here: it's all about Indie Craft Designers and those who love Indie Crafts. What could be better at sucking up every last second of my spare time. Here's my IndiePublic page. At some point I will no longer even create things at all, I will just blog about the "idea" of creating things. I'll be-friend people who also sit in front of a computer all day typing about how great it would be to MAKE something. It's coming. You'll see. Actually. I'm going to do my part to avoid that certain fate for crafters everywhere... okay, for me at least. I'm. Getting. Off. Line. ohgod.


IMakeCuteStuff (aka Marlo M.) said...

Free time? What's that? LOL! Great job on the blog! Thanks for starting it! Now, back to work! :)