10:36 AM

I made some more stuffs!

It was my first full day in the studio. I started making my "Shower Art" banner for craft shows. I made a plaque with a doll head that says, "Pootey Toot Toot." I listened to audio books that I bought but then realized I should have just checked out from the library (dumb). I checked on our last batch of Shower Art -- and here are some of the babies:

This one is from a Chinese translation book that says that bears are cannibals because they eat people. I showed them!

This one I find hilarious because it's a cow saying "I see butt." What could be funnier than that?

This one I just like because it's pretty. I'm trying to make another one just like it.

"Now He Calls" -- A woman cut in half who can't reach the phone. I think we can all relate.

This one I'm mad about because I put a stupid picture in the middle because I thought I was going to hate the stuff around the edges and I didn't want to ruin something good. Well now I like the stuff around the edges....and not the picture. Sigh.

Ahhhh...The Meaning of Life. The small plaque on the left says: He has great insight into Human nature -- also from the Chinese translation book. This one turned out a little weird on the left hand side -- but oh well. I guess not even the Meaning of Life is perfect.

This one says: Impressive only in appearance and He has only a few books. Teehee. He's dumb.