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Texture Clothing: Comfortable, Sustainable & Pretty

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Teresa Remple from Texture Clothing. I've been buying Texture Clothing for years now - first at I Heart Rummage shows, then at outdoor festivals and most recently at Urban Craft Uprising. Her clothes are soft and comfy - exactly the kind of thing you want to slip on to run to Sunday brunch - or wear to work - or laze about the house in. Basically, you'll just never want to take Texture off.

Comment on this post and you'll be entered to win a pair of Knit Mitts! Heck yes! They come in all kinds of awesome color combos. And if you're all smitten with the rest of Texture, you can use the coupon code: pretty20 to get 20% off at checkout. Now don't say I never did nothin' for ya. Get on it though, the code expires one month from today.

Now, I can never seem to interview someone like a normal person so I ended up asking Teresa a bunch of weird questions. Following are the ones that she deemed okay to answer.

Q: To your knowledge, do you have all your teeth?

A: *Yes, even the 4 wisdom teeth I had to have pulled out.  I had my dentist drill holes in them and added them to a sweet macramé hemp necklace!

Q: How and why and when did you start Texture?

A: *I think it was about 10 years ago now…after studying design at night school, and thinking that I was going to get into costume design for the theatre, I decided to put a biz plan together and start a line.  I borrowed some money and started sewing!

The comfy skirt is one of my favorites.
Q: House or apartment?
A: House

Q: Do you have an evil cat?  
A: Nope, but the neighbours’ cats keep the rats away…

Q: If monkeys came down from space and told you that they wanted to take away your favorite thing - what would you tell them to take? (keeping in mind that they can read your thoughts and will demolish you if you lie) 
A: This is a difficult one! I sorta want to say my ‘morning cuppa coffee’.  So I’ll say that. final answer.

Q: What do you dream of doing that you're not doing yet?  
A: Speaking Spanish.

Q: What do you do besides run Texture?  
A: Hike, dance (salsa), can locally grown food, travel to sunny destinations in which to CHILL OUT.

Q: Where do you eat food and what kind of food is your favorite?   
A: As of late, a very rare steak is at the top of my list…I have also been enjoying Vietnamese food.  (the tamarind tree, in seattle, is amazing!)

Post Pants: I'm coming for you.
Q: What is the last class you took?  
A: A workshop on textile art (screen printing, among other things…)

Q: Have you ever been walking around and smelled feet and then realized that it was your own feet?
A: That just happened to me last night.  I promptly washed my feet.

Q: Do you have any clothing that isn't Texture? Where is it from?  
A: I like wearing clothing made by friends of mine!  Togs Design (Tabitha Savoie:Vancouver, BC), Rebe (Debby Weiss: LA, CA), Sweet Skins (Mira Farin:Eugene, OR)

Q: How do you celebrate things? 
A: By gathering with loved ones…eating well…drinking a cocktail.  The usual.

Okay, that is all people. Leave a comment on this post and you will be entered to win a pair of sweet Knit Mitts. One winner will be selected on Monday, March 21st, 2011.

And remember, you can get 20% off your Texture purchase by using couponcode: pretty20. It's good for an entire month from the date of this post.