7:59 AM

Days 1 & 2 No Sugar

Okay, aside from an argument that started in my office about whether 1/2 and 1/2 has sugar in it (it has 1 gram per serving) this no sugar thing has been pretty uneventful. Who cares, I'm not giving up 1/2 and 1/2 AND sugar in my coffee, so for the remainder of the week, I will slam my eyelids shut as I'm pouring my 1/2 and 1/2 so that I can continue to pretend that it has no sugar. My office mate did alert me to the "fact" that I will start to smell like I am decaying from the inside if I continue on with the no sugar thing. To be fair though, I'm only doing it for a week. Probably not enough time to begin to offend in that manner. Also, there was a slight misunderstanding on my part about what I can and cannot eat. I thought beans were on the NO list and was horrified when I ate a scoop of hummus, realizing too late that hummus is made almost entirely of beans. I re-read the rules today and realized beans are on the YES list and proceeded to finish off the hummus for lunch guilt free.
4:10 PM

Days 5, 6 & 7

Pretty uneventful. Yesterday was the big test. We play pinoucle with some friends of ours into the wee hours of the morning pretty much every Saturday night. Drinking is normally involved. But not this Saturday. Not for me. And honestly, even though I went to bed at 3am, I woke up not feeling run over which was nice. I did still cry when I spilled spaghetti sauce though, so I guess you can't say I'm completely "fine." It's currently Day 7. The last day. Until it's tomorrow and it becomes the first day again. No Sugar. That's next week. No sugar in coffee. No cookies. No sugar. And it's halloween. Help me.
8:31 AM

Tea Sucks

Well, okay, that's not fair. Tea is lovely. I'm just tired of drinking tea while other people are drinking wine. I haven't broken though. I've followed the rules completely. Even when Doug went to the bathroom, leaving his wine glass unattended for a moment....EVEN THEN!

I'm kind of proud of myself. Seriously, I really thought I had no self control at all. There's always this little voice in my head that says, "You really shouldn't be doing that." and then I do it anyway. Even if I don't really want to. Okay, now I sound a little crazy. I've got to stop blogging sober. teehee.

Oh - more bad planning on my part. I told my friend Stephanie that I'd meet her for a drink tonight after she gets off work. Maybe I can convince her that tea is a drink. Or coffee. You'll notice that in none of the weeks am I giving up coffee. That's right. This is an experiment. Not the end of the world. You'll have to pry that out of my cold, dead hands if you want me to give it up.

Okay, bye

7:42 AM
It's day three and I'm still abiding by the rules. Even when Doug sits next to me drinking a glass of wine. I can still just enjoy my tea knowing that it's only for a week. I'm pretty sure I can do anything for one week. Or as long as there is an end date in site. It makes it much easier. Last night Etsy Rain had a meeting at Hales Ales. Sigh. That's okay, everyone complained that the beer was warm so I decided it was probably no good anyway. And thankfully I didn't drink because I needed all my wits present to get home. Some rules about buses there being shuttles after 7pm and the Fremont Bridge being closed. Argh. Filled with hate. And no beer. The meeting was relatively awesome though. We made some decisions - forming committees. YAY! We made lists of things - what committees? YAY! I kind of hate Hales Ales now though because: a. Of my own poor planning I was unable to try their potentially tasty beers b. It was LOUD. Really Loud. So Loud. Some good news: I just heard about something called the Goodwill By the Pound store. I am very excited to see what the heck that is and whether I can find tons of stuffs that I love by the pound. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm
8:01 AM

Day Two - I'm still in this thing

Day Two, Week One, Self Control Experiment, Giving up Alcohol: Okay, so day two went swimmingly. Although I did stand up comedy for the first time with no Mac & Jacks lubricant. I lived. Tonight I'm meeting the Etsy ladies at Hales Ales. This was a very poorly timed experiment because not only that....but next week....next week when I'm giving up sugar....guess what! It's Halloween. *$(*#)@*#(_@
9:58 AM

Oh and I forgot

You should also join the mailing list for my crazy art and odd object trading experiment called bARTer Sauce. Do it now.
9:33 AM

Self Control and My Lack Of It

It's been awhile. I've been getting ducks in a row. I finally finished and now I don't know what the heck to do with them. Stupid ducks. While I was spending the last eleven straight days doing things that other people wanted to do, I realized....(drumroll) I need some time to do things that I like to do. To take care of myself. Wow. Revelation! This also led me to start thinking about my obvious lack of self control. It's difficult for me to censor myself or not throw something at you from across the room because I think it's funny. And while I can't do anything about those things...(or don't want to) I CAN do something about my belly. My Christmas present to myself (yes, I said Christmas. I said it. Not holiday. Christmas) is to lose 20 pounds by Christmas (see, I said it again). The bad news: in order to do that, I'll have to exhibit some form of self control. I considered it. I pondered it. I thought about it. I sat on it. And here's what I came up with: I like weird projects so I'm turning this into a crazy project and I would love company. If you want to participate with me...do it. Just jump in. Here's the plan: There are nine weeks left until Christmas (yep, that's the third time I said it) and for each of those weeks I will either concentrate on one specific thing or give up one specific thing. I'll track my results and see which week works the best. And I'm just assuming that by doing this, I'll lose around 20 pounds. This is not based on scientific fact or any research whatsoever. No doctors were involved in this plan. Oct 22 - This coming Monday. Giving up alcohol for one week. Oct 29 - Giving up sugar for one week. Nov 5 - Giving up bread for one week. Nov 12 - Giving up wheat for one week. Nov 19 - Giving up dairy for one week. Nov 26 - Not eating after 7:00pm for one week. Dec 3 - Eating vegan for one week and giving up alcohol at the same time. Dec 10 - Giving up sugar for one week. Dec 17 - Doing Bikram Yoga every day for one week. Okay, who wants in?