7:38 AM

No Dairy - Yeah Right

So, yeah, I did not do so well this week. It all started when I did another I Heart Rummage show (their Christmas one called I Heart Indie Crafts -- if you missed it, you are SORRY).  Anywho, again with the free doughnuts.  I caved.  I ate a doughnut.  I'm not sure if they have dairy or not, but I'm relatively certain that since they taste so good, they do....they do have dairy.  I have to get away from these free doughnuts!

Then, at lunch (same day) I went to the Seattle Center House and it was filled with people and screaming children so I thought...Okay, I'll just go to Starbucks.  Fine.  Normally I never give them any of my money, but given the circumstances and the fact that they were right in front of me.  I caved.  I bought some pesto pasta salad that I really did think had no dairy in it.  I really, really did.  Then ate it while I waited in line for my Americano.  And waited.  And waited.  For some reason the barista is making every drink wrong so she has to make each one at least two or three times.  It takes at least 20 minutes.  Or at least enough time for me to finish my pasta salad.  Then it takes some more time because I have nothing to do but really familiarize myself with the label....which lists the ingredients....which includes dairy.  Damn.

THEN - (same day) later we go out for Thai food with my studio partner, Kimberly.  We order Crab Delight.  I should have made this week, I'm giving up all dairy unless it's in a crab delight because there was no way I wasn't eating those.  No way.  It's just not possible by any stretch of the imagination. 

So there's my foibles for the week.  I think this is the worst job I've done so far.

The current week: No eating after 7pm.  It worked for me yesterday. I'll keep you posted.

8:04 AM

No Dairy - What I've Learned So Far

Here's what I've learned so far by not having dairy:

1. Soy milk is disgusting when you put it in coffee.  It takes like fake nuts and vanilla and beans all at once and the after-taste is worse than most things I can think of.

2. Semi-warm soy milk sitting in coffee you have had on your desk all day is really, really, really disgusting when you pick it up absentmindedly to take a sip.  I would have done a spit take if this wasn't a semi-new job.

3. Popcorn has dairy in it.  Yes, you heard me.  Popcorn has dairy in it.  We get free popcorn at work and I went to make a bag (disregard the part about how it's buttered popcorn) and discovered that popcorn contains MILK.  Really?  Why?  How?  I ate it anyway.  It shouldn't have dairy, so in my mind, it doesn't have dairy.

4. Don't yell at your husband when he goes to put butter on noodles so they don't stick together.  It's not like you're actually adversely affected by dairy.  You're just doing a dumb experiment.

I'm sitting here now drinking black coffee and loving it.  Anything is better than soy milk.  Speaking of -- anyone interested in a big thing full of soy milk -- it's not even open.  I stocked up in preparation for this week but I will not be needing that.  Not at all.



p.s. I just posted a bunch of new Shower Art (waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup) on my Etsy site.  Check it out. 

9:46 AM

No Wheat - Last Day

It's my last day of not eating wheat.  I think I'll make it. 

Although after I cheated with the bagel and told you it wouldn't happen again, I ate tortellini (what could I do -- it was free) and a cookie.  Both of which most likely had wheat in them.  But since there is no way to know for sure, we'll say there wasn't. 

There.  I came clean.  I feel better.  Cleaner. 

No dairy week.  I'm not looking forward to that.  I think I just realized that means NO CHEESE.  Now what is the point of that?

8:46 AM

No Wheat, No Cry

Well, before I started this project, I had no idea that my life, my feelings and my ultimate happiness were all connected to wheat.  But based on how this week has gone (translation = badly) I think I can safely say that wheat was the thing holding my little life together and making me react to things like a normal grown up adult (most of the time).

I can't really give you too many specific examples as much of it as wheat was apparently also powering my big, gigantic brain.  Just ask the people at work, they know I've been off my wheat game a little bit.  One example: thinking that someone told me that the Oregon Department of Education was going to be sending out the invitation to our office party.  Um...yeah....now, why again would you think that?  Only wheat can tell.

Then my kitty cat got sick.  And I took her to the vet.  And immediately started bawling.  And the vet said, "Is your cat being sick what's upsetting you?  Because this is really no big deal at all."  HA!  Hilarious.

*$(*)#@ing wheat.

After I got home from the vet, I went straight to the coffee shop, announced, "Fuck this wheat thing, give me a bagel!" and everything has been okay since.  I just cheated with the bagel.  And I won't cheat again this week.  But I tell you what: it was necessary.

Next week is dairy.  I can't wait to find out what parts of my life are connected to 1/2 and 1/2.  UGH!

5:45 PM

No Bread - Piece of Cake

Okay, so far, the no bread thing has been a piece of cake. I don't like cake, so that's the easiest thing in the world for me not to eat. Apparently bread is a close second. Although I do love bread, I don't miss not having it. I'm sure my thoughts on the issue would change if Doug brought home a loaf of Fremon Sour as that is the best bread in the entire world, but so far he hasn't done it so I'm in the clear. And I'm down five pounds so far. I think it's pretty much the no sugar week that did it. Who knew sugar could have such an effect? And I only wish that coffee was just as delicious without it. It's close, but it's still just not the same.
8:46 AM

No Sugar Week - Fine Until the End

So yeah, everything was fine all week and then.... I ate potatoes, a sugar covered doughnut and 2 pieces of bread in the same day. You could say I went crazy. I like to say that I think sugar missed me. In any case, I lost it. I made up a bunch of excuses to post on the internet so I wouldn't feel bad about not being about to go without sugar for a week...but then I thought...nah. Here's what they were: 1. I wanted to see how drastically different I would feel eating a bunch of sugar after having gone without it for a week. And honestly, I felt like crap. I'm sitting here right now drinking coffee with no sugar. I think this one might stick partially. 2. I'm gonna start taking Sundays off. Just like god did. Yes, that is just how far I had to reach for a second excuse. This week I'm starting no bread. I think. I didn't check. But I think that's what it was. Let's all just rely on my memory and I'm sure everything will be just fine. I heart you all, Rosalie