8:46 AM

No Sugar Week - Fine Until the End

So yeah, everything was fine all week and then.... I ate potatoes, a sugar covered doughnut and 2 pieces of bread in the same day. You could say I went crazy. I like to say that I think sugar missed me. In any case, I lost it. I made up a bunch of excuses to post on the internet so I wouldn't feel bad about not being about to go without sugar for a week...but then I thought...nah. Here's what they were: 1. I wanted to see how drastically different I would feel eating a bunch of sugar after having gone without it for a week. And honestly, I felt like crap. I'm sitting here right now drinking coffee with no sugar. I think this one might stick partially. 2. I'm gonna start taking Sundays off. Just like god did. Yes, that is just how far I had to reach for a second excuse. This week I'm starting no bread. I think. I didn't check. But I think that's what it was. Let's all just rely on my memory and I'm sure everything will be just fine. I heart you all, Rosalie