8:46 AM

No Wheat, No Cry

Well, before I started this project, I had no idea that my life, my feelings and my ultimate happiness were all connected to wheat.  But based on how this week has gone (translation = badly) I think I can safely say that wheat was the thing holding my little life together and making me react to things like a normal grown up adult (most of the time).

I can't really give you too many specific examples as much of it as wheat was apparently also powering my big, gigantic brain.  Just ask the people at work, they know I've been off my wheat game a little bit.  One example: thinking that someone told me that the Oregon Department of Education was going to be sending out the invitation to our office party.  Um...yeah....now, why again would you think that?  Only wheat can tell.

Then my kitty cat got sick.  And I took her to the vet.  And immediately started bawling.  And the vet said, "Is your cat being sick what's upsetting you?  Because this is really no big deal at all."  HA!  Hilarious.

*$(*)#@ing wheat.

After I got home from the vet, I went straight to the coffee shop, announced, "Fuck this wheat thing, give me a bagel!" and everything has been okay since.  I just cheated with the bagel.  And I won't cheat again this week.  But I tell you what: it was necessary.

Next week is dairy.  I can't wait to find out what parts of my life are connected to 1/2 and 1/2.  UGH!