8:04 AM

No Dairy - What I've Learned So Far

Here's what I've learned so far by not having dairy:

1. Soy milk is disgusting when you put it in coffee.  It takes like fake nuts and vanilla and beans all at once and the after-taste is worse than most things I can think of.

2. Semi-warm soy milk sitting in coffee you have had on your desk all day is really, really, really disgusting when you pick it up absentmindedly to take a sip.  I would have done a spit take if this wasn't a semi-new job.

3. Popcorn has dairy in it.  Yes, you heard me.  Popcorn has dairy in it.  We get free popcorn at work and I went to make a bag (disregard the part about how it's buttered popcorn) and discovered that popcorn contains MILK.  Really?  Why?  How?  I ate it anyway.  It shouldn't have dairy, so in my mind, it doesn't have dairy.

4. Don't yell at your husband when he goes to put butter on noodles so they don't stick together.  It's not like you're actually adversely affected by dairy.  You're just doing a dumb experiment.

I'm sitting here now drinking black coffee and loving it.  Anything is better than soy milk.  Speaking of -- anyone interested in a big thing full of soy milk -- it's not even open.  I stocked up in preparation for this week but I will not be needing that.  Not at all.



p.s. I just posted a bunch of new Shower Art (waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup) on my Etsy site.  Check it out. 


Dawn said...

One of my old student workers convinced me to try soy milk once. It had something to do with time travel, or the fact that it keeps for about twice as long as regular milk. It was pretty gross. I think I managed to soldier through using about half of it poured over cereal, but my mom used to make us drink skim milk, so I'm used to water on my cereal.

Sara said...

I never really thought about why before, but for some reason I actually like soy milk. I'm not sure what that reason is exactly... tolerance level is built up perhaps?
Yay for new shower art!