8:36 AM

Someone Won Something and then they did Something Nice. Vague enough for you?

A nice lady named Theresa won my contest where I asked people to look at a Shower Art and tell me what was wrong with it.
Theresa correctly guessed that the "It's Shark Week, Bitches" Shower Art was missing a shark.
Yes, I'll say it again, "I forgot to actually put the shark in a Shower Art about sharks." I'm THAT forgetful. And if you don't believe me, ask my husband who does things like - leave his Netflix on my bag and say, "Hey, can you mail these for me?" Then, when he comes home, he finds the Netflix sitting on the counter because I got distracted and set them down somewhere.
Also, sometimes I forget what we're talking about -- while we're talking about it.
In any case, Theresa got her prize and then wrote a blog about it. What a nice lady. She makes needle felted things for her Etsy shop -- something I've always wanted to try! My favorite is called Mr. Squints. Teehee. He's an angry bear!
11:29 AM

bARTer Sauce Gets a Lesson in Steampunk-ology

And boy, if that isn't just what I need - increased thinking power.
Gary recommends putting a stick of incense in the top to give it the full effect. I think that idea rules because not only will people wonder why the top of your head is smoking, but they'll be overpowered by hippie smell (minus the b.o.).
This is me - trying to recreate Gary's picture above.
Who knew Photoshop was so freaking hard????
Here's Gary with the Robotic Bug that he got in exchange for the Steampowered Top Hat to Increase Your Thinking Power.
I think he likes it.
And if you like Steampunk stuff, you should check out Gary's Steampunk Beer Goggles. They are super-duper cool.
If you're asking yourself what the heck bARTer Sauce is -- then you're in the majority. bARTer Sauce is an experiment in trading for art and odd objects. Whatever I get, I trade for something else and everyone I trade with has to tell me a story. I document it all on bARTerSauce.com.
6:20 PM

Shower Art - Don't put it in your Facehole

It's Shower Art. Don't eat it.
Don't rub it on your body like soap.
Don't wear it like a belt buckle.
Just hang it in your shower and giggle once a day.
And...if you can tell me what's wrong with the Shark Week Shower Art -- you win a prize. But only if you're the first one to figure it out. Leave your guesses here as comments.
Rock on.
Have a super Tuesday.
6:27 PM

Four Weird Things

10:42 AM

My Girl Crush on Betsy

The cutest lady in the world just traded me "Lord Bratnose" for the Glitter Cats. Betsy cans things. She cooks. She's adorable. She sews the most amazing skirts. She has a super cute blog. She has a super cute Etsy shop. And another super cute Etsy shop. She embroiders things with scary twin ladies who can explode birds with their minds. See. Cute. Cute. Cute. If Doug and I ever considered Polygamy -- I think Betsy would be one of our top choices for second wife. What? So anyway, here's the crazy beaded eagle on black velvet that Betsy-face traded me for bARTer Sauce. Did I mention Betsy named him Lord Bratnose? I have no idea why. What's bARTer Sauce? It's an experiment in trading for art and odd objects. Whatever I get -- I trade for something else and everyone I trade with has to tell me a story. I document it all on my website: http://www.bartersauce.com. And now -- we have a Facebook Fan Page. "Who doesn't," you say? Well, yeah, that's a good point.