9:25 PM

Wildlife Safari, Giant Bull Erections and Renegade Craft Show

Tomorrow we embark on an epic adventure. We will drive to San Francisco. Stopping only to pee and for the Wildlife Safari place with the mean ostriches in Winston, OR

Then, we will seek shelter with Steph from NerdJerk

On Saturday and Sunday we will be peddling our wares at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Show. It will be epic (but I mentioned that before). It will make you pee your pants (if you didn't stop at a gas station on the way). 

Stop by booth 65 and say, "Hi." (or - use whatever greeting you would like - we're no dictators).

And then - you're next LA. Please don't think we've forgotten about you. We haven't. When we're finished with San Francisco, we'll be comin' for you. Driving. Listening to podcasts. Knitting in the car. These are things we will be doing on the way. 

Last year, we were stopped by a large bull in the middle of the road. That bull had a large erection. What, oh what, will we encounter while on the road this year? I can't even guess. You can't plan for a bull with a large erection in the middle of the road. Nor, should you try to. I'm content with being surprised.

Come say "hello" LA friends. We will be in booth #16. The Shower Arts will abound there. You will love it. Or you will not. Either way - I'm sure we'll be friends.

Good summer fine people. Good summer.


Sara said...

You had me at "Giant Bull Erections"