4:44 PM

The Goodest Stuff at Goodwill

Dear Other People of Earth, 

You can officially stop looking for the best stuff on the planet. I have it all. These two statues/book ends complete my collection. Yes, one is of a little boy playing the flute. And yes, the other one is of a really annoyed girl holding her hands over her ears. 

My husband and I share a desk so I put the boy one on his side and the girl one on my side. Now he has a visual reminder of what I think of his musical abilities. Perfect. 

He's playing beautiful music. In theory.

She hates it.
They are signed by E. Vilianis and stamped with ESCO Product. 

I thought so.


Tina Jett said...

Something tells me that when I come visit, I'm going to have nightmares from some of the shit hanging around your house.

Unknown said...

Oh you has no idea.

Caroline Ryan said...

Oh so quirky cool. I love second hand stores! (I found your blog on indiepublic. :)

vintagerecycling said...

i have these!! and another little boy from the set...love them! they remind me of my kids :)

Unknown said...

Neat! I love mine too. I'm looking at them right now!