8:45 AM

Not Sure What I Was Thinking...

When I said I was going to post blogs about the special vendors I met at Urban Craft Uprising. I did manage to sneak away from my booth for about 10 minutes to walk around, but only because Doug was around too. Otherwise, it was jam packed with folks pretty much constantly.
If you're a vendor and you're ever wondering whether to do a UCU show. You should. It was the best show we've ever done after an hour and a half. And we do some really good shows so the bar is already pretty high!
Now I know why when you talk to other vendors who have done it, they get a big smile on their face and tears well up in their eyes. I know you can't see me right now, but there are tears. For sure.
I'll have to hold on my post about the cool folks I met but I'll be posting some pictures soon.
Now I've got to run to get ready for Day Two!


' said...

I get tears too... it was awesome!