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Renegade in San Francisco - I want to marry you

Okay, I knew Renegade in San Francisco was going to be good. I knew that. But seriously, I had no idea just how good. It was so good that I would very much like to go back and re-live that weekend several times at least and perhaps over and over forever if you really want to get technical about it.
We sold Shower Arts there and shared a booth with our long-time booth-mate Miss. Tara Smith from Revival Ink.  
I kept telling Doug (seen left in the Arkham Fire Department T Shirt) that he shouldn't let me out of his sight. That I would walk around and single-handedly wipe out every penny of our savings. He didn't listen... and here's what happened.
I found this stationary from Letter Writers Alliance right away but Donovan doesn't take credit cards and I didn't have any cash (my pitiful attempt to prevent myself from spending our life savings) so I left. Then, I sat and thought about that stationary all day until I finally got up, walked about 3/4 of a mile to Safeway where I purchased a pack of gum and got cash back so I could purchase quite possibly the best stationary I've ever seen. 
People always say you have to take credit cards in order to make sales. But I guess Donovan just proved that if you have the coolest product in the world, even lazy people will find a way to purchase said product. My stationary came with a membership card. I am member number 000534. Take that!
Check out her Etsy shop: DonovanBeeson
And if you ever wondered how you could build your own card rack display -- stop - she'll tell you how. 
If you know me at all, you know I'm a sucker for socks. My favorite website of pretty much all time: Sock Dreams. I ordered socks from them once at midnight on my birthday while drunk. I highly recommend it.
Anyway, I was walking along, trying to mind my own business when these ruffled leg warmers from Super Sugar Ray Ray caught my eye. And you're right, they're not socks .... exactly.... but close enough to stop my heart for a moment.
I loved them at first glance.
Here's Rachel. The genius behind the ruffled leg warmers. 
And now I just have to find something to wear with them... comment below with your recommendations and you just might win a super fantastic prize of some sort
Here's Cathy from Bossa Nova Baby. She's from Portland and I've been at shows with her a couple of times in the past. And I always have to buy something because it's just impossible not to. She prints on thrifted sweaters and sews the best skirts in the world. I have a couple of the sweaters already, so this time I opted for a skirt. With a deer printed on it and little green lines sewed around it like grass
Visit Cathy's Etsy shop or read her blog, Stitch and Destroy.
It's also my favorite color of green.
And it has a little pocket.
And I love, love, love it. 
And this is Amy from AC Clothing and Bags. She probably thinks I'm a stalker because I went to her booth about 50 times, but I had to look at every single thing that I thought might possibly fit me. 
Her dresses are stunning. And affordable. And stunning. Did I mention stunning?
You should become a fan on Facebook or visit Amy's Etsy shop
Here's the dress I got from Amy.
Yes, my neck was itchy in this picture - but sadly this is still the best one in the bunch. I like to ruin nice pictures by making stupid faces and then I live to regret it when I actually want to use a picture that looks like a regular woman instead of a puffed out space alien. Oh well. The dress is pretty.
I got this tote back from The Black Apple so I could haul around all my awesome finds. Emily is the best example I've seen of someone who really knows how to write a good blog. Plus, she's an incredible artist. Plus, she likes socks...so I already know she's good peoples. 
And then there was the fighting chipmunks sweater from Stella Neptune. Yes, for reals. Fighting chipmunks on a sweater. How could you NOT buy that?
It's impossible. 
So here's mine. In my favorite color green. Ahhhhhh....
I saw my pretty friend Jessie from Cakespy at Renegade too. Her cupcake art is so adorable. And when she combined it with bacon on a greeting card, me and my $2 said, "YES YES YES!"
But we said it quieter. 
Doug told me about this t-shirt at the beginning of the weekend. He had seen it while strolling around and thought it was hilarious. 
I walked all over trying to find it so I could buy it for him. Then, we discovered that it was in the booth right next to us, Big Stone Head. Dur!
We also bought this Abe Lincoln pillow from Big Stone Head for our house sitter, Lizzy. We've decided that she likes all things Abe Lincoln and I'm not really sure how that started. What I am sure of is that I'm not ruining the surprise since no one reads this blog. Snort. 
Have a great weekend all. And if there's a Renegade near you. Run. Quickly. Toward it.


Sara said...

You made out like a bandit with a knapsack fulla loot! OMG thank you for sharing all the pics of Renegade. Looks like a fantastic fun filled crafty weekend. So. Jealous.