11:54 PM

Mexico Baby

Okay, so we went to Mexico.

I went to Mexico. Doug was denied at the airport at 3AM when we got there to get on a plane.

He has an enhanced drivers license -- the website for which says it's good for going to Mexico and Canada.

It is. If you're driving.

Not if you're flying.

So I flew to Mexico alone. Luckily, we were meeting my dad there so I got to hang out with him at the swim up bar for three days before Mr. Gale arrived.

How did Mr. Gale get a passport that fast? He flew to San Francisco -- which was apparently the only place that was 1. open at 4:30 in the morning and 2. could guarantee him same day turn around on a passport.

Holy cow.

So that's how the trip started. Then, we ate all the food and drank all the booze for a few days. I got a blazing sunburn in the meantime. I think Doug was kind of glad because he got to try out his new Spanish phrase he had been working on, "My spouse is a red lobster." Nice. Very nice.

How did the trip end?
With me sitting next to two sorority girls on the plane who accidently spilled two glasses of ice water in my seat. And I know what you're thinking -- I probably handled it with grace and dignity, right? No. I did not. I swore at them. And then had to sit next to them for three and a half hours. With a cold. wet. butt.

Eff Mexico.


La Alicia said...

WOW!! What an adventure!!!

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