6:10 PM

Etsy Craft Party 2013 - Seattle Edition

We are thrilled to be hosting one of the many Etsy Craft Parties to celebrate Etsy's birthday on June 20, 2013. We are partnering with several local crafty groups: EtsyRAIN, Unanimous Craft and School House Craft. Ugly Baby and La Ru, our new shop in the Pike Place Market will be home base. From there, people can use some of the 500 PIECES OF SIDEWALK CHALK to chalk the sidewalk up and down Western Ave. Hot damn!

EtsyRAIN, one of our co-producers, will be setting up a tent where people can decorate tiny chalkboards, write a message on them and then hide them in the downtown area. It's fun to make a little magic appear in people's lives and we think teeny chalkboards will do just that.

Get all the details and RSVP here.

You're super great and I hope you can join us. It'll be super fun and stuff.