5:29 PM

I am Obsessed with Embroidery

I am. It's true. I embroider while I watch movies. I embroider in the car. I embroider while I work at the store. I love to embroider. Every pillow case in our house is covered with embroidery. Sometimes I use a pattern and other times I just doodle. I love it. I'm obsessed.

So I was touched when Urban Craft Uprising asked me to do an embroidery demo at the most recent show. I decided to do a very low stress demo that would get people started on a project in an hour -- and give them all the supplies they would need to finish it off at home. I called it : Beginning Embroidery for the Timid and Fearful. Everyone who attended got a second-hand pillowcase with a Sublime Stitching pattern already ironed on, a hoop, a needle and some floss. I used pillowcases so that it wouldn't matter what the back of the project looked like when they were done.

I'll be teaching another class shortly at my shop in the Pike Place Market, Ugly Baby and La Ru. We also carry Sublime Stitching embroidery supplies at the shop. If you're obsessed -- come visit.

Enjoy some photos of my recent converts: