7:42 AM
It's day three and I'm still abiding by the rules. Even when Doug sits next to me drinking a glass of wine. I can still just enjoy my tea knowing that it's only for a week. I'm pretty sure I can do anything for one week. Or as long as there is an end date in site. It makes it much easier. Last night Etsy Rain had a meeting at Hales Ales. Sigh. That's okay, everyone complained that the beer was warm so I decided it was probably no good anyway. And thankfully I didn't drink because I needed all my wits present to get home. Some rules about buses there being shuttles after 7pm and the Fremont Bridge being closed. Argh. Filled with hate. And no beer. The meeting was relatively awesome though. We made some decisions - forming committees. YAY! We made lists of things - what committees? YAY! I kind of hate Hales Ales now though because: a. Of my own poor planning I was unable to try their potentially tasty beers b. It was LOUD. Really Loud. So Loud. Some good news: I just heard about something called the Goodwill By the Pound store. I am very excited to see what the heck that is and whether I can find tons of stuffs that I love by the pound. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm


Dawn said...

Yeah, getting home from that area on buses at night is never fun. My bus almost passed me up completely, which would have been bad, because they only run about once every half hour!