10:54 AM

Farting Tater Tots - My New Line of Greeting Cards

Against my better judgement, I have decided to toss my hat into the greeting card ring. Here is my first attempt. Tater Toot. A farting tater tot. I can tell I'm going to go far with this. Snort. I have three tot cards in mind. The second one will have a picture of a happy tot on the front and say, "When I think about love it makes me smile." And the inside will have a picture of a sad tot and say, "No wait. I meant lonely." And the third design has some tots on the front who just won the Olympics (no reason, really) and it says on the front, "Do you ever wonder..." and on the inside it says, "if tater tots are made out of the lips and anuses of potatoes?" So there's the tot cards. I'm also designing a series of different robot themed cards where the robots take on different personality traits or situations -- some of my favorites: cursed to wander the earth in search of his shadow robot and scared of something over there robot. We'll see what happens. If you wanted to buy a bunch of them just to make me feel like I'm not wasting my time...you can do it here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9315421 Well, okay, you can only buy one, but that would be nice of you too. Here's some more pictures:

I replicated the image at 50% size on the back of the card and the envelope.

I like potatoes.



IMakeCuteStuff (aka Marlo M.) said...

apparently, potatoes want to torture you -or- they're really *really* comfortable around you ... ;)