12:16 PM

Mommy, Where Do Tater Tots Come From?

The newest release in my line of tater tot themed greeting cards -- "Mommy, where do tater tots come from?"

I made these in two colors, kraft and chocolate, but I only like the kraft ones.
The outside says, "Do you ever wonder..."
And the inside says, "If tater tots are made out of the lips and anuses of potatoes?"
It'll get a reaction for sure.
Maybe not a good one.
But definitely a reaction at the very least.
Perheps it will end friendships.
Business ventures.
Maybe it will change the world as we know it.

Or maybe it will just make someone screw up their facea and say, "Gross."

Here's the chocolate colored ones. The paper is a different texture and I don't like them as much.

You can get single cards (kraft color only) here or if you want a three-pack....go here

Happy Year of the Potato!


Anonymous said...

Yo I like the idea. I would rather see the artists rendering of said tatey monster unless you feel like that would rob the idea of its power.