2:23 PM

April First Thursday

How has an entire month gone by already? Oh wait, I remember, I was laying on the couch with a fever of 102 for quite a bit of it so maybe that's why it seems like we just went through the First Thursday madness. Luckily it's a really comfy couch. Like sleeping on a marshmallow. Or maybe it was a marshmallow. I was a little out of it. Some pretty potatoes stopped by to say hey: Jessica, Lauri (& the alien inside her), Jen & her boyfriend whose name I forgot (but who should not be insulted because I never remember names -- in fact, I so rarely remember names, it seems ridiculous to write a blog where I name people who stopped by First Thursday -- so ridiculous in fact that I think I shall stop. Now.) A couple of bARTer Sauce trades happened -- one I was expecting -- and one was a complete surprise. The one I was expecting: Patrick brought over the Time Machine Parts he had promised me. And a tiny, little landscape that he painted on an asprin. In exchange, he got one of Nicolas' clown paintings. Here's me & Patrick: Here's a close-up of Patrick's shirt: Here's the Pill: Here's the Time Machine Parts: The One I Wasn't Expecting: Tim stopped by again. He traded with me once before (Abandoned Artist Sketchbook) and stops by most First Thursdays because he lives in the area. This month he brought me a big, gigantic painting of a pig head. Huge. Here's the pig: Here's me and Tim rolling around on it: Tim got the other Clown painting from Nicolas. Which is unfortunate because it wasn't until both trades happened that I remembered I was supposed to take pictures of the clown pictures hanging and send them to Nicolas. I did the only thing could do at that point. I took pictures of the empty spaces on the wall where they used to be and told Nicolas he'd just have to trade with The Sauce again. He agreed. Phew! Here's a few Shower Arts from our most recent batch:


Ian said...

Is it hard to encase stuff in rubber? I'd like to encase some fun electronic designs this way, something like this: http://www.tripoint.org/kevtris/Projects/led/flasher.html (not my design, someone elses).

I keep a studio/lab at the ok hotel for electronics/robotics stuff and would be very interested to find out if this would be easy to do myself or have done for me.

Unknown said...

It would take a bit to set up the supplies to do it yourself -- we have to
order our rubber from another state and you need molds and pumps and stuff
-- but you could totally do it.
What are the dimensions of the things you want to encase? If we have a mold
to fit it I'd help you out.