4:55 PM

Look What I Got

The lovely Betsy from Baddins Design is one of my new favorite people. She was in the midst of the "skirt controversy" of early 2008 when my friend Sara totally ganked an awesome skirt that I wanted to buy out from under me and wears it often. Betsy made said skirt and was selling it at the Punk Rock Flea Market. She also makes pillows that say, "Fuck you very much." And now I have a pillow that says, "Fuck you very much." It is awesome. Anyway, Betsy wanted to know how to use a knitting machine and I said I would teach her. And I did. And in exchange she made another one of the best skirts in the world and gave it to me. I love her and will do whatever she wants until the end of time. I can't stop staring at this skirt: She also just did a bARTer Sauce trade with me. She's hilarious. Seriously hilarious. I got the fake fetus of her grandmother's dead twin sister that they found while doing an autopsy and she got a teeny tiny landscape painted on an actual pill. Here we are making the trade: Betsy runs an Etsy shop, Baddins Design where she sells her art and her vintage finds. She is special. You should check it out and buy a bunch of stuff from her. And if you don't feel like doing that, then just read her blog, Betsy Makes Things.

Are you asking yourself rigt now, "What the hell is bARTer Sauce?" Good. Because I'm not telling. Live in wonder. Jerks.


Sara said...

OMG - I do believe the new best skirt in the world is even BESTER than the old best skirt in the world.
And now you have a dead grandma twin fetus which is also awesome.
And yeah - totally agree - that Betsy is totally rad.

Kristen said...

What an Awesome skirt! You're a Lucky girl :)

kimberly@stir said...

OK, LOVE the birthday skirt, but Betsy's skirt is a VERY close second. Super cool!