2:11 PM

Look What I Got - A Double Sauce Post

My two most recent bARTer Sauce trades are both terrifying and also very, very, very, super-duper cool. First, Nik from Scary-Art.com (who is a rather frequest Sauce trader) gave me this painting of a Two-Headed Boy and a Robotic Bug sculpture for an Evil Looking Doll Lamp and a Space Alien in a Ship. Two-Headed Boy makes me giggle. He has so many eyes. And the teeny, tiny fangs are terrifying. And the Robotic Bug...... He's silver ....and POINTY!

And then on Wednesday, Gary traded me these four "Punked Up Nun" sculptures. I put them in the window of my shop and people have been walking by all day and shreiking. Awesome.

A close-up of my favorite: Sister Mary Dreadlocks:

If you're asking yourself, "What the hell is she talking about?" then you probably don't know about bARTer Sauce, my experiment in trading for art and odd objects. You should check it out. It's sometimes funny.


Margaret said...

Your Etsy shop is great.

Anonymous said...

DUDE! Not only did i get to read your blog BUT I noticed all of the EtsyRAIN links there- DUDE! It's so fun to click on ALL of them and check out what my closest craft peers are cooking up. Thanks for being an etsyclopedia! :-)

Lisa Brawner said...

those are great :) I enjoyed reading your blog this morning .