4:44 PM

Frankenscarf Winner Announced -- -

A couple of weeks back, I posted a new product idea -- Franken-scarves -- and to get some feedback about pricing, I asked folks to post a comment saying how much they thought I should charge for them. I picked a number out of a hat and that person won their very own Franken-scarf. The winning number was 13. And http://rekojrants.blogspot.com/ posted the 13th comment on my blog. Check out her Etsy Shop. Congratulations! Enjoy your Frankenscarf!

What the heck is a Franken-scarf? Well, you take some old t-shirts, or a jersey top sheet and you sew them into strips. Then you free-motion embroider the heck out of it and a Franken-scarf is born.

Here's another one:


TheresaJ said...

What a great scarf! Sorry I missed the giveaway. :(

Anonymous said...

OK Rosalie, now I know that jealous-of-sara feeling you were describing when she had the skirt. Oh well, i couldn't think of a nicer franken-sara to wear a super rad franken scarf.

Sara said...

No way! I won this amazing rad super cool fantabulous franken-scarf?!? With super lucky number 13? How franken-de-lightful indeed!