9:58 AM

2008 Glitter-Off Championship

I got into a glitter-war with this woman. I thought I would have a chance since most of my Shower Arts use glitter. I was wrong. Competing in the Glitter-Off was a huge mistake for three reasons: #1 Rebecca is an artist who has experience with glitter. #2 Rebecca was recovering from surgery and had huge amounts of free time to devise a plan. #3 Rebecca is evil. In the beginning, it was a passing comment during an email exchange about a bARTer Sauce trade -- I don't even remember exactly what -- but something about how we should have some sort of glitter-off competition. I immediately forgot about it. But Doug was soon reminded....when he went to get the mail and there was a huge envelope just full of glitter that was getting all over everything. Well done, Rebecca, well done. I thought forever about how to get her back but came up with nothing. So I made her a trophy and mailed it to her. I admit defeat in the 2008 Glitter-Off Championship. That does not however, mean that I give up my right for revenge. Now, go watch Rebecca glittering up a pig.


Anonymous said...

Highly amusing. xoxoxo.

Kim Caro said...

aw super fun! she is sooo dang adorable! reminds me of my hair now i just need the glasses haha