11:34 AM

New bARTer Sauce Trade

Lookie what I just got for bARTer Sauce.
Yes, it's a flying Pee Wee Herman skeleton guy with a light-up crotch. How on earth did you get that on the first guess?
I traded it to Nik from http://www.scary-art.com. He got a fancy mask. Read about our trade.
Did I just hear you ask, "What's bARTer Sauce?" No? Oh.
Well, bARTer Sauce is an experiment in trading for art and odd objects. Whatever I get, I trade for something else -- and everyone I trade with has to tell me a story. I document it all on http://www.bartersauce.com.


Emmett Montgomery said...

I need this! What awful thing do you need me to do?

T.Allen said...

Not the light up crotch! Awesomeness!

Unknown said...

If you want the Pee Wee Herman, just go to http://www.bartersauce.com -- create an account and submit a trade offer. You'll need a story (about anything at all) and a photo of the item you want to give me for Pee Wee.

Or -- show up at First Thursday Artwalk in February with item in hand and story ready to tell.

Siddhartha said...

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