2:22 PM

What Do Bacon Do?

At the last I Heart Rummage I noticed a vendor I had never seen before, "What Do Bacon Do." She makes little bacons. That's right -- LITTLE BACONS! In outfits. And costumes. I love them.
Doug and I make a Shower Art with a little pig on it that says, "When I Grow Up I Want to be Bacon." We recently made postcards of some of our favorite Shower Arts and the bacon one happened to be one of them. I brought one over because I thought she needed to have one. Then, when I was leaving, she gave me a little bacon ornament. Super freaking awesome. Not only bacon -- but FREE. My two favorite things.
I took it home and after reading the super cute packaging, I realized there is a whole separate part of this project where you can send in pictures of your bacon doing different things in different locations and she will post them on her blog.
Freaking Awesome!
Check it out if you like bacon and fun projects.