8:58 PM

Art that Speaks to Me - About COFFEE!

Sometimes you see a painting that takes your breath away. That's what happened when I saw this painting in my JanetPlanetArt's Etsy shop.
I met Janet awhile back after a friend recommended her Encaustic Painting class. I didn't need to be told twice so I signed up right away and then spent a lovely afternoon painting things with beeswax.
It was awesome. Although I have to be careful where I hang my creations because Mr. Gale swears that they smell like sex. Don't ask me. I just married him.
So -- back to the painting. I love coffee. So much. Sometimes I lie awake at night -- excited for it to be the next morning so that I can have more coffee. Mmmmmmmm....
And now I have coffee that says, "I believe in you." I brought it to work and my co-workers insist that the coffees are saying that to each other -- not to me. I told them to eff off and that I could interpret it any way I want. Jerk-butts.


Sara said...

Wow - awesome new style from Janet!
I don't think I've ever seen such strong colors in her work before - very sweet!