5:34 PM

Newest bARTer Sauce Trade: Mondo JubJub

bARTer Sauce's added a new trade to the family of currently available objects.
I gave Nik (a frequent Sauce trader and proprietor of scary-art.com) a painting I called "Proud Green Boobs" and a huge metal bra to cover some huge boobs that I call "Full Metal Bra."
He gave me this painting called "Mondo JubJub" and a book called "Aku Aku: The Secret of Easter Island."
"What's bARTer Sauce" you ask. What's bARTer Sauce?!
bARTer Sauce is an experiment in trading for art and odd objects. Whatever I get -- I offer up for trade for something else. And everyone I trade with has to tell me a story. That's pretty much the poops of it.


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