9:33 PM

Garage Sale Find: Fake Rhinestone Fruit

Recently I found out that the Greenwood neighborhood was having a huge garage sale day with over 100 sales taking place from 9am to 3pm. I convinced my husband and three other hilarious men that it would be fun to spend the day walking around and looking at other people's garbage. It didn't take nearly as much convincing as I thought it would.

My purchase was made at the first sale we visited. A bowl of fake fruit caught my eye. Each piece was painstakingly covered with rhinestones. I just glanced at it longingly - assuming it would be way out of my price range - but it turned out to just be $6.50 for the whole set of at least 10-12 different pieces. 


Tina Jett said...

That is the sexiest produce I've ever seen.

Stina G said...

Bahaha. That's wonderful. Just wanted to mention, I went to follow your blog but the follower box is ... invisible? Not there? The heading "followers" is there but that's it.

Unknown said...

Hey Stina - I think Google must be having issues. I noticed that on another site today as well. I'd check back tomorrow maybe and see if they have it sorted.

Stina G said...

Yeah, sorry, I noticed it other places as well after posting my comment :)