9:33 AM

Where Have all the Folding Tables Gone?

In my spare time yesterday (the hours after I wake up that are not dominated by social networking groups and email) I had the crazy idea that I would like to purchase one of the rarest items still left on our great Earth: the folding table. You may scoff and snort and think me ridiculous, but I spent all of yesterday in a car with my husband touring every KMart, Target, Fred Meyer, Sears, Restaurant Supply store and JoAnn Fabrics within the city limits. At a point of near desperation, we passed a garage sale where they had their items displayed on a FOLDING TABLE. The car screeched to a hault as I yelled "I'm talking them out of one of those." I was not successful. Where have all the folding tables gone? Something is up and I think people who inquire about it....are never heard from again. Like the salesman at Target who said he would go into the back room and check to see if they had any....and never returned! Where is he now? I can only hope they are treating him well, whoever they are. Why is a folding table so important? We're moving into the studio we're sharing with Kimberly from Stir today and we have no surface to work upon. This is the one I wanted....and I will accept no others. Well, okay, I did accept another, but I don't like it at all. Shhhhhhhh, don't tell it, but it sucks! Sigh, Rosalie


Dawn said...

The kind of table that you got will work okay, probably, but those chairs look uncomfortable! I think we used to see the type of table you want at Wal-Mart or Schnucks (a grocery store back home). I'm sure that doesn't help much at all. :)

Sara said...

Hilarious - I love your writing style! Especially the bit in the last post about none of us actually making anything but just talking about making something. Right now I'm making blog comment - that counts right?
Thanks bunches for making a blog about the soon to be crazy escapades of the EtsyRain group!