11:45 AM

Some Stuff I Decided I LIke

I've wanted this skirt for about two years now. I saw an ad with this picture on it in Bust Magazine (another one of my favorite things) and tried to order it. But because it was so awesome and in Bust Magazine and reasonably priced, there were none left.
I must have signed up for the mailing list because not too long ago, I got an email saying that the skirts had returned. Yay! Joy! Yay! I ordered one immediately. And you should too. It's from Orangy Porangy.

This is the prettiest cup of coffee I've ever seen. I guess some guy invented a machine that will draw pictures in latte foam with edible ink. My only question -- how come I haven't seen this in Seattle? I read about it on Stacy Alexander's blog.

And finally, quite possilby the funniest thing I've read in awhile. A blog devoted to a pirate pig who gives advice. In character. Hells yes. Don't forget to go to the Punk Rock Flea Market tomorrow (Saturay, March 22) if you live in Seattle. Or I guess, if you live anywhere and like to travel. And stop by bARTer Sauce. I've got some crazy new offers in my trading experiment for art and odd objects. And check out the article I wrote for MookyChick -- How to Start a Crazy Project and Take Over the World. And don't forget Ugly Baby. Go look at Shower Art -- waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. Or anywhere else. We're no dictators.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!

Absolutely Small said...

Nice picks! I love those cappuccino designs, too.