5:40 PM

I Make Money Mistakes

I went shopping. Then, I looked at my bank account online and said -- "wait, I still have so much money -- I'm gonna buy more stuff." (not something you would normally hear me say -- which explains my excitement) I didn't pause to consider that I SHOULDN'T actually have that much money in my account.So I will pay the price later. None of this will come as any surprise to Doug. He often laughs at me when I pay for things out of the wrong account or send checks to the wrong people or panic when someone cashes a check that they've held onto for months. Well, he used to laugh. Until we started a joint checking account. mmmmmmmwwhahahhaahahahaha.... For some reason he still hasn't given me the login information for that account. Humph! Who cares though...just look at one of the great things I got on Etsy: It's pink. Really pink. And it satisfies that weird urge I've had to buy things with chandeliers printed on them. I once had a plan to have all kinds of pillows with different kinds of chandeliers printed on them, a chandelier wall decal and chandeliers printed on our curtains. These plans all fell through when it came time to actually PAY for said items...but it was still a good plan. And to have your dreams realized for $22 -- well, now that's a good way to go. Hot damn that's pink! Check out the rest of the shop: PrettyRaccoon on Etsy. Everything there is pretty. I didn't see anything with Raccoons.