8:24 AM

Vintage Video Game Paintings

bARTer Sauce normally trades everything that comes through the inventory for something else. I made an exception once and just gave something away. For charity. Don't judge me. I make the damn rules people. I make the rules.  My friend & ex-roomie Val is involved with SketchFest and they had a fundraiser. I had lots of drinks at said fundraiser. 
At one point in the evening the auctioneer said he wanted to try something different. He told the audience that we could offer up services or things that we own to the other people at the fundraiser. If the thing got a bid of a certain amount -- then we kept going. There were all kinds of cool things -- like for example, I got grant writing help from Brett Fetzer for $75. Worth every penny. 
I offered up the receipient's choice of any bARTer Sauce item I have in inventory
Yes, it's true: I'm sure no one had any idea what I was talking about. 
Yes, it's true: I bid on way too many things. 
Yes, it's true: Val liked her paintings. Can't you just tell by the look on her face?
Val came to pick up her item at the last First Thursday Art Walk. She chose two paintings by Sean Leary that both have a kind of 80's video game theme. Awesome!
What's bARTer Sauce?
It's an experiment in trading for art and odd objects. Anyone can participate as long as you tell me a story. Check out everything that's currently up for trade.


Kiara said...

All these stuff are so nice. I have some Download Games that have pretty cool backgrounds and some graphics that can add up to your collections. :)