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Baldy Balderdash

My favorite game of all time is Balderdash. The gist, if you don't already know, is that someone reads off a word, or a movie title, or a name, or date -- and you have to write a definition or a movie synopsis, or say why that person or date is famous. The challenge is that you want the other people at the table to think your answer is the correct one. My favorite way to play is with stand up comedians who don't care about anyone picking their answer as the correct one -- but instead just care how big of a laugh their answer gets. Doug and I went to The Hounshell's recently -- the home of Meghan Hounshell's parents (one of whom found us our very lovely condo that I am trapped in while recovering from foot surgery). Meghan used to live here and do stand up but she moved to LA to do some kind of tech support (lame) so now we only see her on her rare but normally Balderdash-filled visits. Here's Meghan up close: And here's Meghan on stage. I like to take home all the scraps of paper that we write our answers on and use them for blog contests. Here's how it works. I'll list out all the answers that we came up with for a certain item -- just to inspire you. Then, you write your own answer. The one I think is funniest gets a set of TaterBot Greeting Cards. Ready? OK! This one's a movie. You write the synopsis. Our answers: #1 An employee orientation film created by God, intended to replace the Bible. Unfortunately, it was only released on Betamax so only 19 people have seen it. #2 The story of a man who tragically fell down a well and was taunted by a pack of small children. #3 A giant says hello to everyone in town until he loses his voice. #4 Story of a family living in an underwater house for a month. #5 A single woman is terrorized by the resident who lives in the apartment above her. #6 A documentary about a man who was born with an inverted penis. Your turn. Leave your movie synopsis for "Hello Down There" as a comment and I'll contact you if I think you're hilarious enough to get some TaterBot cards.


The Stewart Stuff said...

A movie about a 'genius' that thought it was a good idea to invent the worlds first convertible airplane. BTW~ Not such a great idea!!!

Sara said...

OMG I totally can't beat #1 =)

But... it was a Documentary about an activist who built a treehouse to stop the cutting down of the rainforest only he decided to never ever come down even after they won because he became scared of non-heights.

Alyssa S. said...

A hermaphrodite hits puberty and comes to term with his/her "bits and pieces"

Betsy said...

The Story of forbidden love between a fuzzy Norwegian hat and the woman who wears it. Spoiler Alert: The hat dies in the end.