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Balderdash Makes Me Happy

Ah, Balderdash. My love. My Balderdash.
I really LOVE playing Balderdash. So much that I whenever I play a game, I bring home all the little slips of paper and blog our answers. And you get to play too. Just leave your answer as a comment on this blog and I'll pick the funniest one. Whoever is funniest gets a fun surprise in the mail from me. 
First things first -- the winner from my last Balderdash blog entry, Betsy -  who killed me with her synopsis of the movie, "Hello Down There":
The Story of forbidden love between a fuzzy Norwegian hat and the woman who wears it. Spoiler Alert: The hat dies in the end.
I don't know what it means -- but I know it's funny. And that's all that matters. So Betsy will be getting some cool farting tater tot greeting cards in the mail post haste. 
And now this week's contest
It's a MOVIE and the title is "Ladies Who Do." Our answers: 
1. A small town gets turned upside down when the local hair salon wins a hair styling contest.
2. Ladies clean up the entire world using only garbage bags and gum.
3. A documentary about women entering the work force during World War II.
4. A group of women start a do wop group in the 1920's and make it to #1 on the charts. 
5. A bunch of office cleaning women get rich when they find some hot stock tips in a garbage can.
6. The much more popular sequel to the first film, "Ladies who don't."
7. A small group of women in rural Georgia form an association to rebel against society's "A lady doesn't..." attitude in the 1950's. 
8. The sequel to "Ladies who don't" followed by the third installment "Ladies who don't do diddly squat."
Now it's your turn. Write a brief but hilarious movie synopsis of "Ladies Who Do" and leave it as a comment on this blog. I'll get in touch if you're the winner!
And if you don't want to play, just enjoy this new Shower Art: My Other Car is a Unicorn on Roller Skates. 


kdahlberg said...

The newest animated potty training tool for your littlest lady. With voices by Dakota Fanning and Meryl Streep.

Urbana said...

The film "Ladies who do" is documentary chronicling the ironic trials and heart warming tribulations of mail order bride Ludmila.

Follow the lives of one unlikely couple. When Ludmila unpacks her suitcase in the high rise flat of Mr. Richard Klotterhump revealing an assortment of jarred pickled beet products that didn't arrive in San Diego intact.

Klotterhump spends days on the phone contracting carpet cleaners who are not equip to deal with the red stain and accompanying odor.

vboackle said...

the trials and tribulations of a group of ladies who work in a beauty shop and the burden of all those secrets that have been told to them from a dryer chair.

Mom Union said...

Ladies Who Do Fight Zombies. Suburbs, early Saturday morning, wake to find the world has turned upside-down by crazed undead who crave human brains. (Why is it always brains, not Big Macs or ice cream?)

Following the plot of nearly every zombie movie, the women seek refuge in the local mall. (Could we find someplace with MORE doors and windows than a mall?) While the women are there they do the usual mall shopping scene.

Next, they convert the mall shuttle bus into a pink zombie-proof transportation device. Armed with straws from the food court, they ward of the zombies by shooting eyeliner and lipliner pencils (sharpened to deadly points using the electric pencil sharpener in the mall business supply store.)

There are some close calls. One of the ladies accidentally inhales on the straw and hurts the back of her throat making her gag really bad. Some of the straws have small cracks in them ruining the perfect shot. And a batch of ammo eyeliners are actually eyeSHADOW sticks and won't fit into the straws.

Despite the odds, they make it to an unpopulated island where they are safe and have lots of great shoes.

Donna said...

Ladies who do smile more than ladies who don't.