9:43 AM

Balderdash Contest Winner

Holy Bazongas. 
I'm happy to report that we have a winner for the Balderdash contest. You were supposed to write the movie synopsis for the film "Ladies Who Do" and the funniest response was promised a mystery fun prize from yours truly.
Well, we DO have a winner. Oh my gosh do we have a winner. Heather's got it. She made me laugh out loud more than once which means she is hilarious because I'm a jaded stand up comic who rarely finds humor in anything.
You win Heather. You win. Congratulations!
Here's Heather's Synopsis: 
Ladies Who Do Fight Zombies. Suburbs, early Saturday morning, wake to find the world has turned upside-down by crazed undead who crave human brains. (Why is it always brains, not Big Macs or ice cream?) 
Following the plot of nearly every zombie movie, the women seek refuge in the local mall. (Could we find someplace with MORE doors and windows than a mall?) While the women are there they do the usual mall shopping scene. 
Next, they convert the mall shuttle bus into a pink zombie-proof transportation device. Armed with straws from the food court, they ward of the zombies by shooting eyeliner and lipliner pencils (sharpened to deadly points using the electric pencil sharpener in the mall business supply store.)
There are some close calls. One of the ladies accidentally inhales on the straw and hurts the back of her throat making her gag really bad. Some of the straws have small cracks in them ruining the perfect shot. And a batch of ammo eyeliners are actually eyeSHADOW sticks and won't fit into the straws.
Despite the odds, they make it to an unpopulated island where they are safe and have lots of great shoes.