9:33 AM

Balderdash Makes Kathy Martin a Winner!

Last week I hosted a Balderdash contest where people had to give a synopsis of the movie title "Wide Open Faces." The funniest one gets a surprise package of indie craft goodness from....me! This week the winner is from Kathy Martin Studios. Here's her entry: 
"Wide Open Faces is a rags to riches tale. The casting director of an online reality show is challenged to get the least likely contestant ever to go on "Last Chef Stirring". The direct must chose a bum off of the streets and turn him into a gourmet pro fast! The challenge that decides it all: The Open Faced Turkey Sandwich Face Off! ....now if they can only get the guy to wash his hands after he visits to bathroom we'll be in business!"
Ha! Nice work. Very nice work. 
I'm going to take a week off from contests and devise something really, really clever. Or just enjoy the nice sunshine.
I'm off to the studio later this afternoon for my latest bARTer Sauce trade. EeeeeeeeeeEEE! I'm so excited! 


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WooHooo! =)