9:09 AM

Balderdash -- Round Two

I was sitting here for about ten minutes trying to think of what to blog about. And then I remembered that I had insisted on bringing home all of our Balderdash answers after we played a couple of weeks ago for that very reason -- so I didn't have to think of something to blog about! And then I forgot. Par for the course in my little brain sack. So, it's a word. The word is: Extispicy

Following are our answers from a hot, sexy evening of playing Balderdash:

Answer 1: Fortune telling by examining animal organs hit by lightning. Asnwer 2: Ron Jame's golf bag (which is a total inside joke and I shouldn't have even included it here, but ....I did...so deal Answer 3: Being and Nothingness. Five stars. Answer 4: No longer spicy Answer 5: A mexican jaw breaker made with tamarind Answer 6: How E.T, the extra terrestrial orders his Thai food, "Exti-spicy, please.....owwwwwwch." What should you do now? Come up with your own answer and post it as a comment here, or here, or here, or here. I'll pick the funniest one and you get a MYSTERY prize! It's a mystery because I can't think of what I want to part with and this gives me the opportunity to decide that you get an old promotional postcard or something lame like that. BUT, don't let that keep you from entering! And, in closing, here's some new Shower Arts:


Unknown said...

i vote being and nothingness. most poetic. fun post!~

Absolutely Small said...

So awesome! I am a total addict of that game. You guys came up with great answers!
(p.s., in answer to your comment on my blog {not that it was a question} your project sounds awesome! something that neat shouldn't have to stop!)

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

I responded to your comment on my blog

~I love your shower art!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm pretty sure Extispicy means "a rash that unexpectedly appears on various areas of the body, in the shape of an overjoyed narwhal."

p.s. I almost thought the Shower Art that said "Pet Me or I'll Kill You" actually read "Pet Me AND I'll Kill You"... because that's how my cat acts most of the time.

anne said...

I need the "You Stink" one. It is hilarious.