11:58 AM

Balderdash - Win a Card with a Tater Tot Farting on it

Okay, so maybe this makes me a nerd, but for some reason, I have the best time "playing" Balderdash. Maybe it's because I play with stand up comics. Maybe it's because no one is really trying to win, but instead just trying to write the funniest answer. Maybe it's because I'm completely insane and Balderdash calms the little voices inside. Who knows? So here, today, I share with you... Balderdash from last night.... Starring: Meghan Sara Evie Doug Rosalie & Meghan's Mom, Sue Pay close attention. There's a content. You could win this awesome greeting card with a tater tot farting on the front. The category chosen is: Person The Person is: Bob Boyer Answer #1: First man to use an alias Answer #2: Invented the soup which grew into a chain and became known as "Chef Boy-ar-dee" Answer #3: Inventor of Bob's butter which builds, bigger, better bodies Answer #4: An ancestor to pop singer/actress Lindsey Lohan, who also invented popsicle sticks Answer #5: While Bobs are notorious for not being exciting or doing anything worthy of comment, this Bob was the first. Answer #6: Chemist who came up with a way of turning soybeans into certain things, such as door knobs and gear shift handles. Okay, now for the contest rules. You can either: 1. Make your own answer to the Bob Boyer question and who ever has the funniest one wins. Or... 2. You can try to guess which answer was mine and I'll draw the names of everyone who had correct answers out of a hat. Whoever wins, gets a greeting card with a tater tot farting on it. Ready? Go.


Sparrow said...

I'm having a hard time beliving no one has thrown in 2 or 3 sense on this one. I have to say #5 amused me the most - Rosalie if that wasn't your answer - I liked all the other ones too and I still think you're awesome. So we're done with that part. He was actually a CIA operative assigned as Head Advisor and Nuclear Projectory Expert for Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis operating under the assumed name of Stanislov Olezka Smith. Though little recognition was received due to the top secretnedness of his job description he singlehandedly averted world annihilation by injecting flubber into the fleet of Soviet warheads that were fired at the United States which remain in orbit to this day, ricocheting between the moons surrounding Jupiter at an average speed of 152.7 km/s.