8:35 AM

Still Life With Teeth - An Art Remake

Long, long ago, I traded Ron Reid, the manager of The Comedy Underground (which re-opens in it's new location on September 9th) a painting of Will Ferrell in exchange for a still life that he purchased from a possibly homeless-ish man. It was a super good trade on his end (he got a painting of Will Ferrell) an it was not such a super good trade on my end (I got this)

This is part of bARTer Sauce, my experiment in trading for art and odd objects.

This one happened to be both. And honestly (sorry Ron) I wasn't sure if anyone would ever trade me for it.

Then Nik came into my life. He runs scary-art.com and he wanted the still life because he said he was going to put faces on the stuff inside. Well, he did. And I wasn't sure what to expect, but I love the end result:


I tried to pick my favorite little character guy but I'm at a loss. It's a dead heat tie between the mosquito eating the brain out of the jar on the top right - the weird jar baby on the top left -- or the weird guy with the top hat in the front. Who cares! They're all awesome! Visit www.bartersauce.com to read about more of my recent trades for art and odd objects. And....if you're not too tired from that visit, check out Shower Art - waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. Or anywhere else. We're no dictaors.


w said...

that's hilarious. i like the cat hanging upside down.

Sara said...

whoa! That is serious vision. Super great job making a still life WAY more interesting!

Absolutely Small said...

Awesome!! Love the new version.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty amazing. I like third eye chick at the bottom.